About Us


Welcome to H2Paw!

Starting as a small business in Los Angeles, we have big dreams. Our passion for loving and taking care of pets means that we provide our customers with nothing but the highest quality of pet essentials, that are guaranteed to meet your needs as a pet owner and keep you satisfied!

As our name says,H2Paw (derived from "H20" a.k.a. water), we value and promote pet hydration since water is perhaps the most neglected daily nutrient your pet must count on for you to provide. In fact, it’s so important and so vital that no pet could possibly survive deprived of it for long before dying a painful death.

Our main products like the H2Paw Bottle™ and H2Paw fountain advocates this mission of ours in a way that it serves to be the tool that keeps your pets healthy in a convenient way.

H2PAw’s mission is to be the instrument that helps you keep your pets hydrated and making your life as a pet owner fun and worthwhile.